Manage your competitions with zKup

Several types of meetings

Manage tournaments, cups, championships, leagues, ladders...

fast, flexible, optimized!

Start your competitions in a few clicks and 'Action !' !


Engage your members!

management meetings

Directly on the scoresheet, your members agree on the place of the meeting and then enter their scores.


Teams and administrators are aware of the progress of their meetings by mail or instant message.


How does it work?

Choose a pack
and pay via Paypal

Download zKup
and install it on your server

Start your competitions
and enjoy!





Maximum number of teams disponible
Number of competitions disponible
License validity term disponible
Assistance disponible

Types of managed competition

Tournaments disponible
Cups disponible
Championships disponible
Leagues disponible
Ladders disponible


includes support and access to updates during the term of the lease

Monthly rental 19,90 €

includes a period of 6 months of support and updates

Purchase 249,90 €
Renewal for 6 months
updates (not required)
39,90 €


With zKup you're not alone!

Stay up to date!

For those who choose to buy after 6 months you can renew your support and access to updates or not. In all cases your zKup continues to operate!

Questions fréquentes

What happens there once the assistance period and update is complete?

You can continue to use zKup quite normally. To access the new versions of zKup you can simply renew your package (see price in the price list).

I want to stop my rental zKup

To do this you simply go to your Paypal account and cancel your subscription to automatic zKup.

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